Woman about to write on a paper notebook
Woman about to write on a paper notebook
Tirachard Kumtanom, Pexels

With so many cities on quarantine or lockdown because the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 😷 has hit so bad in 2020 world-wide, many of us are using our new free time –previously wasted on commuting to work or meetings that could’ve been an email– to improve or learn new skills, so I’ve gone through a couple free online courses websites and hand-picked some links for this post, this way we all can gain some knowledge without expending a single dollar 💸

Please note that while some sites may offer the same content in other languages, all the courses are mainly available in…

Deploy is easier than ever!

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are not new things this days. This practice can help to make your product or project be up and running the last version of your code faster and easier than ever. Today I will show you my way to create a pipeline using a custom Docker image and GitLab CI/CD tools to deploy to a VPS/KVM Linux server.


  • Basic understanding of Linux, Docker and CI/CD.
  • GitLab account (free plan is okay).
  • Linux server with SSH access (root user is not required). I’ll be using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with LAMP stack.
  • Lightweight Docker image with SSH…

Jimmy Adaro

23. Buenos Aires. Ssr Full Stack Developer. CEO @ The Adaro Studio. Passionate about Internet, servers, design and businesses. Born digital — Est. 2015.

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